David David
I know. I know. Don’t hit me.

If you are incredibly talented, driven to express yourself in art, all day, every day, AND, if a lot of people already like the things you can do, then by all means, go into the Arts and learn from experts who know the history of technology that makes it all possible, and expose yourself to the creativity of other geniuses who can jointly raise the level of achievement to amazing, umm, levels of, achievement. (vocabulary is not my forte / strong suit).

But the world does not need more people making artistic bird-houses. Apparently though, the world needs artists to help make colorful webpages, for an ever expanding deluge of website content. Content that appears online for information, marketing, branding, story-telling, illustration, and so on.

Levi Levi
Bla bla bla… What is this website?


OK, this website is no longer officially affiliated with any particular arts college. It still has leftover works of art to show you, from previous Exhibitions, along with biographical information on the artists. The original writings were in Serbian, while the new low-class western perspective critical writings are in English.

Billy Billy
I may be low-class. Who cares.


artschoolAre you thinking of entering a course of studies in creative arts? Have a look at examples of what gets put on display, and think carefully about your future career.

In addition to the truly gifted, another type of student chooses this path. I will admit, times are tough. The world is in recession, the older generation of baby boomers has destroyed the world and they don’t listen to anyone.

Baby boomers can’t debate. They can’t adjust because their self-interest is too great. Meanwhile, their children, and grandchildren are facing a messed-up world economy, with very little hope of making their own lives-, or the world- better.

Today’s college age young adults need some luck, and need to survive and get through this difficult time in history, as best they can. For some, choosing a college experience in the arts, is a path they may have open to them, while other paths are closed due to economic circumstances.

Waiting for luck, being in a happy place, until things change, is a valid choice.

Some of the better quality exhibits

The Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade

Archived Student Exhibits